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Software Research for Newbies


This file is aimed at people who are extremely new to Software Research. If you are a programmer you can skip this paper.

From the time there were computers there was software. Software is a program or a set of programs. A program is a set of instructions given to a computer (sort of like a to do list). In recent times software has become very complicated and thus more mistakes have been found in these programs. Some of these mistakes can be potentially harmful. That is why Terra X reports you the latest bugs (these mistakes are called bugs) so that you can fix them in your version of the software.

Also programming is a hard job so programmers (people who program) like to leave their mark on some of the programs they make. So they program it to display a message or picture when a special series of keystrokes (or mouse clicks) are executed. Such pieces of code (instructions) are called Easter eggs.

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